Siglo Bean-shaped Lighter – RED,世紀紅色雪茄火槍/打火機

Siglo Bean-shaped Lighter – RED,世紀紅色雪茄火槍/打火機

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Siglo Bean-shaped Lighter - RED,世紀紅色雪茄火槍/打火機

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Siglo Bean-shaped Lighter - RED,世紀紅色雪茄火槍/打火機10010451-4l

Inspired by the shape of a bean, this Siglo bean-shaped lighter is stylish and masculine. The couture of the lighter fits perfectly in your hand. With a flick and a press, the lighter is ignited. This new Siglo lighter is easy to use.

The bean-shaped lighter also comes with an adjustable jet flame control. Made of Zinc alloy and finished with color and lacquer, this Siglo bean-shaped lighter is available in the following colors; matt black, dark grey, chrome silver, chrome polish, Cohiba yellow and metallic red. Each lighter is individually packaged in a beautiful gift box.

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